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Safe City Twin Lakes
Homeowner's Association Registration

The is a partnership between the Federal Way Police Department
and residents within Twin Lakes HOA  to address
public safety issues which impact the Federal Way community.

First Name:*

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Twin Lakes HOA Street Address:*

  Zip code:*

Do you have a video surveillance system
and are you willing to share video with 
law enforcement to help solve a crime?  *
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Phone: (include area code)*

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I agree to the following terms and conditions:

In an effort to improve communications and assist Law Enforcement in identifying individuals involved in suspicious or criminal activity, a secure Website has been established.  This Website allows registered residents of the Twin Lakes HOA to post and review information of a confidential nature to assist Law Enforcement in identifying said individuals.

The information contained on the Website is for Law Enforcement and registered residents of the Twin Lakes HOA only.  Members will be allowed to communicate public safety issues with members of the Twin Lakes HOA.  Any unauthorized release, copying, distribution or posting for any Non-Law Enforcement Use of any of the information contained herein may result in the termination of access to this site and may expose an individual to legal liability.

I understand the above stated guidelines and will abide by them. I understand that information on the Website can be removed at the webmasters discretion at any time. I also understand and agree that failure on my behalf to abide by the information above will be grounds for dismissal from further interaction with Safe City Federal Way and this Website.

Questions? email twinlakes@safecityfw.com