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Membership is free.  Sponsorships are welcome and needed. 

To ensure that emails sent from Safe City FW end up in your email in-box, and are not mistakenly sent to your junk folder, please whitelist our email address:

Become a Retail / Business Partner  
Retail Assets Protection Professionals, Area Big Box Retailers, Small business owners, Commerical property owners/managers, and Companies providing professional services

Become a Property Owners & Managers Partner 
Property Owners & Managers (Apartments/Multi-Family Housing)

Become a Law Enforcement Partner 
FWPD Staff & DOC Only

Become a Code Enforcement Partner 
City Code Compliance Only

Become a City Employee Partner
City Employees Only

Become a Neighborhood Partner 
Twin Lakes HOA
Marine View Demarwood
Marine Hills
Campus Area
Sector 1, 2, 3, & 4

If you have a emergency please call 911 - Need to file a police report - click here - Partners Login (top of page) - FWPD 24 hour non-emergency dispatch 253-835-2121