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What is the Status of your Tips?
Below with a listing of tips that have been submitted over the last 90 days.  Please see "Notes" for the status of your submission which may include requests for more information.

Tip Number Date Entered Status Last Updated Message from the Investigator
20190766 06/13/2019 Tip Cleared 06/13/2019 Tip passed to Special Operations Unit
20190708 05/31/2019 Tip Cleared 05/31/2019 A detective will be in contact
20190687 05/28/2019 Tip Cleared 05/31/2019 Officer will contact you to file a report
20190686 05/28/2019 05/28/2019  
20190661 05/21/2019 05/21/2019  
20190604 05/07/2019 05/07/2019  
20190584 05/02/2019 Tip Cleared 05/02/2019 Thank you for the tip Which has been passed to Detective Folden. Please post additional tips or contact Detective Folden directly 253.798.8997
20190569 05/01/2019 Tip Cleared 05/01/2019 Referred to Day Shift Commander for additional info and follow up
20190568 05/01/2019 Tip Cleared 05/21/2019 SIU Served warrant and closed grow operation. PSE disconnected power.
20190563 04/30/2019 Tip Cleared 05/01/2019 Extra Patrol Requested for this area. Please call 911 for any in-progress activity
20190561 04/29/2019 Tip Cleared 05/01/2019 SOU Officers informed regarding this uptick in activity. Please call 911 for any in-progress activity
20190529 04/22/2019 Tip Cleared 05/01/2019 Information and photo circulated to all FWPD officers. Please report any additional sightings of this subject so he can be identified
20190525 04/21/2019 Active 04/21/2019 Thank you for the tip which is very helpful. FWPD received several calls on this incident. Federal Way PD detectives would very much like to interview any eye witnesses. Please submit another tip with a phone/text number or email address and the best time to contact. Additional tips can be submitted anytime.
20190516 04/18/2019 Tip Cleared 04/18/2019 UPDATE from SOU: Officers were just in there on a citizen complaint earlier this week. Code Compliance was advised and they have already contacted the landowner in regards to the new mess. Since the last clean up, late last year, the landowner has taken No measures to secure or monitor his land. This location is on our active watch list. Officers continue to visit as time permits. Special Operations Unit Officers and supervisors along with patrol supervisors and commanders have been notified of this well know location. Efforts continue to address citizens concerns. Please call 253.835.2121 for any in-progress activity at the location and request an officer respond.
20190486 04/10/2019 Tip Cleared 04/18/2019 SIU detectives notified. Please add additional tips if you have not been contacted by police regarding your tip.
20190481 04/10/2019 Tip Cleared 04/18/2019 Please advise 911 of all in-progress activity
20190435 04/01/2019 Tip Cleared 04/02/2019 This address does not appear to exist? Please confirm the address in a new tip
20190410 03/26/2019 Tip Cleared 03/26/2019 The Special Operations Unit is familiar with the location and will conduct a site visit on 3-27-19. In progress activity can be reported to 911 or 253.835.2121
20190376 03/20/2019 Active 03/21/2019 Thank you for the tip, a detective will reach out to you as soon as they are able