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What is the Status of your Tips?
Below with a listing of tips that have been submitted over the last 90 days.  Please see "Notes" for the status of your submission which may include requests for more information.

Tip Number Date Entered Status Last Updated Message from the Investigator
20190197 02/09/2019 02/09/2019  
20190196 02/08/2019 02/08/2019  
20190190 02/07/2019 Active 02/07/2019 You may leave a tip with your contact number if you prefer. All tips are confidential
20190166 02/05/2019 Active 02/07/2019 Please contact Gang Officer Stevens 253.835.6833 or Gang Officer Ellis 253.835.6897
20190135 01/26/2019 Tip Cleared 02/07/2019  
20190134 01/26/2019 Tip Cleared 02/07/2019  
20190133 01/26/2019 Tip Cleared 02/07/2019  
20190124 01/24/2019 Active 01/24/2019 The unit has been extremely busy with major casework. I will check and provide an update on Friday
20190070 01/13/2019 Active 01/24/2019 Added to prior tips. Thank you. Plan to update status of tips on Friday
20190067 01/12/2019 Active 01/13/2019 This tip and tip numbers 0059-0064 have been routed to FWPD detectives. The information you have provided is very helpful, please be patient.
20190064 01/12/2019 Active 01/12/2019 Thank you for these tips. SIU will follow up ASAP. Additional tips are welcome as information becomes available
20190063 01/12/2019 Active 01/13/2019 Pending SIU followup
20190062 01/12/2019 Active 01/13/2019 Pending SIU followup
20190061 01/12/2019 Active 01/13/2019 Pending SIU followup
20190059 01/12/2019 Active 01/12/2019 Thank you for the tip which has been passed to the Special Investigations Unit. Any additional information on this activity is very welcome and can be submitted by adding additional tips.
20190037 01/08/2019 Tip Cleared 01/08/2019 Please call 911 or 253-835-2121 if you hear the sound of gunfire/backfire/fireworks. The more calls we receive the easier to triangulate where the sound originated from and locate a scene, suspects and evidence.
20181742 11/20/2018 Tip Cleared 01/08/2019 Thank you for the tip. Please call 911 for in-progress activity for on-duty officers to respond and then follow up with an online tip. Thank you